The Company is steered by its Managing Director Mr. Habibulla Khan, who is a civil engineer by himself, whose customer consciousness is as pure as his passion for progress. His vast Experience of past 20 years in construction Management including his 4 years stint in the Middle East, has earned him the reputation of a “Reliable Authority” in the field of construction.


We, at Beacon Builders, Desist from practicing greed and desire to acquire ill-gotten, illegitimate profits and wealth and sincerely believe that we are not the absolute owners of anything on earth and that the absolute ownership belongs to the Creator & we are appointed Trustees for only a brief period of time.

Not to pat our back, we sincerely believe in approaching any problem with humility and a human face, putting our client’s aspiration above all. We believe in maintaining cordial relationship with the client by minimizing the points of friction and by taking bold decisions on the spot.


Our Strength

Dedicated team of civil engineers, Supervisors, Technicians who are trained for the last 10-15 yrs.
Our own construction machinery.
Time bound Delivery of Projects, with precise quality besides our Integrity.
Ours is a “ZERO DEBT’ COMPANY as we have not borrowed from either Banks, Money Lenders etc.
Our Track Record for the past 15 years in Bangalore.

Skilled workers like Masons, plumber, Electricians etc who are trained for the past 15 years.